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New Titles

Optimization in Civil & Environmental Engineering.
Today’s highly capitalized societies require maximum benefit with minimum cost. In order to find a low cost design in practice, experienced engineers have traditionally used trial-and-error methods based on their intuitive engineering sense. However, their approaches have not guaranteed optimal or near-optimal designs, which is why researchers have been interested in optimization methods. Mathematically speaking, optimization refers to finding the best vector from a set of feasible alternative vectors. Zong Woo Geem's Optimization in Civil & Environmental Engineering shows how optimization techniques can be applied to various civil engineering problems in construction and project management, structural engineering, water and environmental engineering, and transportation engineering.

Multiphoton Processes in Organic Materials and Their Application
Edited by Ileana Rau and Francois Kajzar, Multiphoton Processes in Organic Materials and Their Application contains original contributions from leading international scientists working in the field of multiphoton absorptions and excitations and their practical applications. From the first theoretical prediction of the phenomena at the beginning of the nineteen thirties through the first practical demonstration seen some thirty years later, the topic has today evolved into a large branch of nonlinear optics. The book is addressed not only to the researchers active in the fi eld but also to graduate students, newcomers and development engineers interested in practical application of multiphoton induced effects.

Solar Panel Processing
Robert Castellano's Solar Panel Processing discusses solar cell technology including theory of operation, efficiency, materials, research on silicon processing, thin-film processing, polymer processing, nanoparticle processing, and transparent conductors. The handbook presents detailed descriptions of thin film processing of amorphous silicon, CdTe, CIGS, and GaAs panels. This handbook examines traditional crystalline and thin film photovoltaic fabrication and operation. The Solar Panel Processing study of thin films in energy presents current and emerging technologies for various types of solar cells, details the industry structure of each segment, discusses the competitive environment of each type of energy, and reviews current and future applications for thin films. The book will be of interest to those who make solar cells, semiconductors and their manufacturing equipment, thin films, materials, chemicals and gases.

OCP Science Monographs & Treatises on Advances in Unconventional Computing and Cellular Automata Series (Series editor: Andy Adamatzky, University of the West of England)
Maurice Margenstern's (University Paul Verlaine, Metz) Cellular Automata in Hyperbolic Spaces, Volume II: Implemantation and Computations, advances the novel results presented in his Cellular Automata in Hyperbolic Spaces, Volume I: Theory (2007) on a location of tiles in many tilings of the hyperbolic plane. These results are applied in further studies of cellular automata in non-traditional spaces. Margenstern discusses a wide range of applications from cell phones to the theoretical problems of tilings, skillfully hybridizing two different domains of geometry and computation in a way beneficial for mathematics, computer science and engineering.

Cellular Automata with Memory, by Ramon AIonso-Sanz (Polytechnic University of Madrid), demonstrates that cellular automata with memory are not only priceless tools for modelling of natural phenomena but unique mathematical and aestethic objects. Cellular Automata with Memory revolutionizes the conventional view on cellular automaton evolution by allowing cells to update their states by looking at past states of their neighbors and analyzes the effect of memory on a wide range of spatialized discrete dynamical systems scenarios.

Natural Fibre Reinforced Composites: From Macro to Nanoscale
Technological innovation in the field of materials is driven by the identification of new needs for special materials. The history of materials may have begun with stone and wood, growing to metals-natural, synthetic, hybrids and others. Humanity's needs have led to the production of fibres, textiles, sheets, composites, smart materials and a variety of forms from these materials. Stronger and lighter synthetic fibres may have pushed natural fibres to the fringes but natural fibres and their composites are enjoying a resurgence of interest. This is due both to their green credentials and to the growing awareness that, as petroleum becomes ever scarcer and more expensive, the production of synthetic fibres becomes less of a favourable option. Natural Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites: From Macro to Nanoscale, by Sabu Thomas and Laly A. Pothan, brings together leading researchers who are pioneers in the development of new technologies, processes and solutions based upon in various aspects of natural fiber composites.

Ekeland Variational Principle with Variants and Generalizations
The Ekeland variational principle, formulated by Ivar Ekeland in 1972, is the foundation of modern variational calculus. Among its findings there are numerous and various applications which are developed and described in Ekeland Variational Principle with Variants and Generalizations, by Irina Meghea (University Politehnica, Bucharest): geometry of Banach spaces, nonlinear analysis, differential equations and partial differential equations, global analysis, probalistic analysis, differential geometry, fixed point theorem, nonlinear semi-groups, dynamic systems, optimization, mathematical programming and optimal control.

New OCP Science Monograph Series in Modeling, Simulation and Applications Announced (Series Editors: Xin-She Yang, National Physical Lab and Cambridge University; Andy Adamatzky, University of the West of England)
OCP Science is pleased to announce a new monograph series in Modeling Simulation and Applications intended to compliment the OCP Science Unconventional Computing and Cellular Automata Series. The series will feature textbooks, monographs, handbooks, edited volumes, treatises and applied case studies. The first title in the series, Harmony Search Algorithms for Structural Design, by Zong Woo Green, will be available in Spring 2010.